richards who?

Richards Basmajian…two architects, David Richards and Peter Basmajian, brought together by a passion for good design, hard work and leftover food - but that's another story. This was way back in 1986 and we've since been joined by Bernice Leung and David Wong although the name remains the same.

We are Interior Architects who do a broad range of work, as you will soon see, because it keeps things interesting. We welcome new challenges and treat each project as a unique set of problems to be solved. This applies as much to our growing portfolio of existing clients as to our new ones. Does it work? Absolutely: 90% of our business comes from repeat appointments.

Our office is in Hong Kong near the core of our client base. Keeping the entire studio under one roof ensures better control of the design and management of projects. For those of our clients who operate throughout the region, we do carry out projects outside Hong Kong and have completed work in most of the countries around the Asia-Pacific rim.

We offer the full range of design and project management services, working equally well with professional clients for whom construction is a core activity, as with those for whom the management of a project is outside their general expertise.  In the former situation our brief is usually defined by the client; in the latter, we advise on the most appropriate scope of work, and services, for that particular project.

A whole bunch of good people work here, more than 70 at the last count, 60 of whom are designers or design technicians. We like to keep the office about this size because we know it works. Keeping the work interesting ensures that our designers are always thinking - and people who can think produce good work and stick around. We have very low staff turnover.

What else is there to say? Pictures tell a thousand words so let them do the talking. If YOU have any comment about our work or this website, good, bad or ugly, we'd appreciate hearing about it…so feel free to drop us a line on